Thursday, January 13, 2011

Escape to Soul Restoration

This week I started a 6-week online workshop called Soul Restoration by Melody Ross.  It's all about finding who and what is living in your soul house and how to take your house back---finding yourself, finding your dreams--your potential, and taking your life back.

Part of our assignment this week is to make the cover to our book---make it our own, something we are comfortable with. We're going to be using this book every day for the next few weeks and hopefully it will be a reminder in the future so it has to be something we love.

I'm all about vintage and Paris and ribbons. I think this really says "ME" and I love the feeling it gives me to look at and to hold it. Now I've started on the inside but since this is a highly personal and soulful journey, there may only be a few photos but I will try to post some that don't give anything away.

Melody is offering this workshop again in April and who knows,.....maybe YOU will be the next one to find your soul house!.

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  1. Gorgeous book cover Lisa! Looking forward to seeing where this takes you.


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