Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finishing projects

Today was the day to finish working on some projects---I have two custom wedding albums to make & I wanted to clear some things off my desk. 

My dear friend, Kathie, owns a publishing company & they moved in to their new offices recently. She raved about one of the curio boxes I had made & told me she loved anything having to do with books. Needless to say, I didn't need any more encouragement than that! LOL 

It's not a very good photo since I took it with my phone......and you can't see the "books" on the top of the box along with a child's letter block that has a pair of glasses on it. But you get the idea........  It has her logo inserted into a metal piece used to label the old, big binders (I remember those!!), glitter cuz she's a crafter, a heart to remind her of me, and "books" to represent her business. Plus I love the bordello coin in the corner---she teases her hubby that they painted one of the walls in a bordello red!

Here's my latest She Art girl----although not quite finished. She still needs a good quote on her---any ideas?  I'm so loving these girls but I have no place to put them! Hmm......

While I was cleaning out, the UPS guy came to the house delivering my Dick Blick order (like I need more stuff!). I had ordered some of the hand barrier cream so paint & glue wouldn't stick to me....I pick it off for days! So far I'm really liking it!! Plus it's keeping my horrible dry Scleroderma hands a little less dry!  But the best part of the order are these paints......

What a perfect size!! It's the same size bottle as Stickles and the paints inside are AWESOME!  I dabbed a little bit of each on some white paper........OMG.......the colors & shine are fabulous! Now I'm trying to find a distributor that I can get more!!  Have you used these?? What do you think???


  1. I love your latest canvas...loving the jeans and the dress over them...very cool. How about...She shines brighter than the sun...that's what I see when I look at that canvas.
    Those paints look cool. I am always surfin dick blick but I get all my cool stuff from this scrappindealsnsteals place I know of...hehe.
    Im gonna try to kick out another canvas this weekend...we shall see how that goes.
    The paints look very cool. Can you use them with a brush???
    Lemme know..

  2. Great canvas this week! love her outfit, cannot help with the saying as I have a hard time myself.
    I have some Lumiere paints, had them for years and they are in little round bottles, these look great this size though. Hmm, will have to come over and try them:)


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