Friday, June 24, 2011

Such Fun!!

My dear friend Kathie did a spot on Arizona A-Z (I think that's the name) a couple weeks ago & these are my version of her instructions!

Mom wants to take a little something to the girls in the family in MN & she thought these would be fun. They are SOOOOOO easy to make! The hardest part is deciding on what embellishments to use. LOL 

One niece has a chef for a husband & the other niece is a vet-tech so I tried to personalize them. I still have 2 more sets to make but they go so fast, I'm sure I'll get them done this weekend (they're half done now).

Take an old fashioned clothespin, add a strip of paper or ribbon with some Mod Podge or other liquid glue on both sides, let it dry, then add some embellishments. How easy is that???  Even the kiddos can do it!

Thank you Kathie for the idea & some of the charms. And thanks to my friend Judy for giving me a package of clothespins ($.97!!).

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