Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Journaling

I was lucky enough this weekend to take some classes from Kelly Kilmer up at Frenzy Stamper. If you've never done art journaling before, you really need to check out either online or in-person classes from Kelly Kilmer! She started us from scratch---making the actual book---to choosing images, putting them on the page, using other media like stamps or markers, and even to the actual journaling.

The first class was sewing a book of plain paper together, doing the covers in only tapes---masking tape, clear tape, and decorative tape. Then we made a couple inside pages based on layout sketches by Kelly.

The next class was making our own book covers. We took a sheet of canvas and covered each side with handmade papers. We're putting a "binding" on the spine but I just haven't gotten to that part yet! LOL This book was using focal images & background pages---finding out how they are put together to make the best layout.

The last class was making a hard-bound book using some sort of board (it wasn't book board but I can't think of it now). We covered both sides with handmade papers again but it was an entirely different process than the day before. During this class, Kelly would give an instruction such as "pick out a focal image & 3 background papers." Then we'd come back & she'd say " arrange them with white space between the images". And a final "add layers of tapes between the images". It was up to us to figure out how they photos looked best together and what tapes & how to layer them.

This isn't the photo from the instructions above, but this was my favorite page. :) This book has varying sizes of pages and pages with flip open parts. It's up to us if we put the layouts on one page or across two pages. One of the instructions on this page was to put the focal image on an angle with it going off the page. I liked all of this image & didn't want to cut any off so I made it go across the 2-page layout.

Now all I want to do is make pages!!! I guess I'll have to just fit it in between all the other projects. Now if I can just get myself to write something on the pages.........LOL


  1. I cannot believe you had the energy to take all 3 classes! They all look great but I know they look even better in person. Isn't art journaling fun?
    we need to get together and do this more often.

  2. Love your pages woman...they look fabulous...Im going to check out the online stuff...
    Thanx for the info.


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