Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art for the Soul

You may have read in earlier posts that I'm taking the Soul Restoration workshop with Melody Ross. It's a fabulous way to learn more about yourself--why you let certain people & things into your life only to have them hurt you. You work through the lies and find yourself again with weekly videos & exercises.

With the exercises, you work in your art journal---making pages with prompts Melody gives you each week. I've never really been much of a journaler (& still don't do it as well as I should---one of the things I'm working on!) but adding the art portion has really made a difference.

It's not the best picture but I had a dog on my lap. :)  After taking several classes with Kelly Kilmer last weekend, I'm totally pumped about making art in my journal. This is the page I created yesterday with a couple of this week's prompts. Once I got to writing, I ran out of room!! My next journal is not going to have lines in it so I won't feel the need to actually write on the lines--it's the accountant in me!

Do you make art journals? Do you share them on your blog? What do you love about it??

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  1. This page looks fabulous!! don't worry about lines you can always paint or gesso over them. I have seen several people using old calendars and diaries as art journals. Cannot wait to see your next pages.


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