Sunday, February 27, 2011

Artful days

It was a pretty busy weekend but I did manage to get a couple pages done in my art journal on Friday & Saturday. My brother-in-law was in town for a couple days from his truck driving job. I was taking him back to the truck yard on Saturday when we went by a a charter school & this was on their sign......

We had just been talking about positive thinking and being accountable for your successes & goals so when we saw the sign, we thought it was a message. I am a huge believer in the theory that you can create your own life changes---nobody else can do it for you & if you don't grab hold of it, you can't complain about how bad your life is.

My husband got home about midnight last night from IL---his flight had been delayed so it was a late night. Thankfully I had taken a sort snooze before I had to go get him so I was up early this morning. Since it's Sunday, it was my day to do paperwork & pay bills. While I was passing the time while he was still sleeping (I was trying to be quiet), I came up with this page.

I think my favorite part of this page (besides the focal pic) is the template doodling. I took my red Spica pen and outlined the plastic template I have from Prima---I love drawing & doodling so tracing the template was very relaxing for me---I'm gonna have to do more of that!! :)

This page is a very personal and emotional page. One of my very best friends for 7 or 8 years did something to hurt me very deeply. During my Soul Restoration workshop, I was trying to deal with the lies and betrayal. This friend has been trying to contact me to talk this out so we could be friends again--I'm not sure if I want to......  Evidently my husband talked to the friend while in IL and said we have to fix this cuz it was upsetting me so much. So.......long story short..........I talked to this person on Friday for over an hour to start working on our relationship.Here's the page I used to bring out how I felt & how I wanted to repair it.

The flowers are a small postcard type paper and I stamped the saying on it---from Melody Ross' Unity Stamp set. And because I felt pretty good after our conversation, I added the "strong" definition. I felt strong (more than I used to--thank you Soul Restoration!!) while we talked---I asked direct questions, was totally honest in my responses, and didn't beat around the bush. It felt good! LOL  I journaled on some trimmed tags and it took 4 sides to get it all out......and I could have even written more!! The tags are hooked together with a fun little safety pin---don't you love Idea-ology goodies?!?!?

So that's my latest art journal pages. I feel good about them and can't wait to go make more!!

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