Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop -- March -- and a freebie!

If you're here, that means you probably just visited Mandy's fun blog---thanks for getting this far!! You can find the complete list of blog hop participants at the end of this post.

The prompt this month was to visually "cultivate an awareness of the ways in which your word works in the world" and to take "a variety of photos" that "evoke or are literal representations or some reason or another reason or another remind you of your word." 

As you wil see, my word is OPPORTUNITY. The hubby is part of this journey by way of taking all opportunities that come our way. We're trying to take our everyday activities--good or not so good (see the tire!) and turning it into an opportunity. It's our way of taking the positive road in all we do & seeing where it will lead us.

So here are the photos I took for this month---putting them all together really made me realize how wonderful the month of February was. Yes, there were the busy or frustrating days. But when I look back, I see all the fun things we were able to do---spend time together, getting lots of reading & crafting in, and learning how to use the Emergency Road Service on my auto insurance! LOL 

Instead of making an extra art page like I did last month (February's post here) I decided to make a little "map" of my photos. This will go next to the February photo page in my book---and it may even get a little dressed up with stamps or something. :)  It's not quite finished yet but you can certainly get the idea!

As you can see over the month of February, I've been busy working on my art journals---I had the opportunity to take a weekend of classes from the fabulous Kelly Kilmer to learn how to expand my art & begin doing some journaling (scary!!). I'm loving it but I guess I should work on some other things, too, so I can get caught up on my http://www.escapetohandmade.etsy.com/ orders!

We had a winner in January's drawing but we didn't connect to get the prize---Forever Daisies owner Kimberly was the winner with "That is awesome your husband was involved in you talking through picking a word!"   So, Kimberly, if you email your snail mail address at LVescape@yahoo.com, I will get your prize to you!  Leave a comment this month & we'll pick another winner with our highly scientific random drawing method. :)

I hope you've enjoyed the blog hop so far (I know I have!). If you're going in order, you can php on over to Chrissy's blog (all blogs go live at 11am EST). Otherwise, feel free to use the list below to hop around & see all the cool interpretations of our February prompt! Thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Great job! I really like the photo map explaining all the photos - wonderful idea!

  2. Love that you are enjoying the journey with your husband, together! :)

  3. Really creative! Such a wonderful post. Happy March!

  4. Love the journaling on the back of the cards! I did something similar.

  5. Great idea for the extra artwork detailing your photos!

  6. Love your photos for February! I am still not done with mine. I also like your extra for this month, great idea:)

  7. The photo map is such a creative idea!

  8. How imagintive!! Gotta love the positive!!

  9. I really like your page explaining what all the photos mean to you... hope everything worked out ok with your car. You have a great sense of humor about it! :)

  10. LOVE your choice of word and how you are interpretting it!

  11. Your photo map is a great idea! Love the goofy dog watching opportunity :)

  12. i love the mixture of photos you have chosen!!! enjoy doing march's prompts!!!

  13. Love your word and how you're using it for inspiration. Neat photo map with the words!

  14. Love your layout and corresponding "map". That is awesome that your and your husband are in this together!

  15. Ha! The opportunity to learn to use roadside assistance! Glad that you have such an upbeat attitude! Great word! Love the photos and the word map that you are situating next to it. The different fonts really make it look like art! Thanks for sharing!-Amanda (#21)

  16. great pictures and I love how you are looking for the good in everything

  17. The word map is a great idea. Looks like you are getting a lot out of the OLW experience. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  18. Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!


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