Sunday, February 20, 2011

When the cat's away.......

The husband left on Saturday for IL for the next week. As soon as he was gone, a friend came over and we played for a bunch of hours on our art journals. She's even newer to the art journal world than I am but she's doing a great job so far! I wish I had some photos of her book---I didn't want to put her on the spot, though.


This is one of the pages I did while she was here. I think about this a lot so when I saw this fun little card, I knew I had to have it. Since I am no longer working, I'm having difficulty defining who I am & what I'm meant to do and this card says it perfectly.

I had some leftover gesso & water in a dish and didn't want it to go to waste so I added some acrylic paint to it to use as the base on the page. I love the texture of it---it's really smooth but has almost a shimmer to it. Is it from the gesso? I'm not sure.......

This is another page I did while my friend was here. The girl is from a Christy Tomlinson .jpg and I just loved her! Christy is doing a "She Art" online workshop on background techniques & stuff. Of course I had to sign up for it!

I think this is one of my favorite pages! The wings are cut out from some DCWV paper & they are all glittery & embossed. Good thing we had big, fold out pages in this book from Kelly Kilmer's class!!

And because hubby is gone, all the goodies are still all over the kitchen from when my friend was here.......they may just have to stay there until the housekeeper comes later this week!! :)


  1. Hi Lisa! You're definitely an art journaler! Your pages are very nice. It's hard to believe you haven't been at it long. I really liked your book reviews too. What a cool job... to get free books for doing blog reviews :-)
    LisaC (from Soul Journaling)

  2. Love the page with the wings! great "she" art too,
    just signed up for the class :)


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