Thursday, February 17, 2011

Am I an art journaler?

As you know, I've started down the endless road of art journaling lately. You're supposed to be able to use alot of your own stash and scraps but for some reason this venture has cost me a small fortune already!! LOL

My good friend, Marlene, is the one who got me started (paybacks are h@ll!!) and I'm actually having a blast trying new techniques and styles. I haven't really found my own style yet so I just keep experimenting with other ones.

Today was filled with mundane house stuff before I went to lunch with a couple girlfriends. When I got home, I should have gotten back to paying bills but I had this urge to go make some art.  After watching some videos last night, I wanted to try painting and watercoloring so this is what I came up with (I'm sure I CASED it from somewhere!).

Pink is my faborite color and I'm a heart junkie so this was a fun spread to do. I painted some areas with some watered-down Studio acrylic paint then did a wash with the white (blank canvas) paint to blend it & tone it down. Then I took the white paint left on my brush and made the big heart.

Add a title with several layers of color, a pic of me (NOT a self-portrait fan!), and some doodling. I haven't Zentangled for awhile so it was a treat to do a little bit here. It's still a work in progress but I'm happy with it so far. I love this style!! (or I do until I find another one I love!)

If you are an art journaler, I'd love to hear about your style or about any artists you follow.

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  1. Yes! you are an art journaler and right now just playing and finding your style is the fun thing.
    I have been doing this on and off for a year and still don't know what my style is:) Love your pages!


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