Sunday, March 6, 2011

She Art

This month I'm taking a fun e-course called She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson.  This is what she says....

"... learn how to create unique and detailed  she Art girls, as seen in my art and mixed projects! I will also teach you how to create backgrounds, textures, and layering styles on canvases and other surfaces! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in creating your own personalized" She Art" pieces as well as having learned  new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects!" 

Christy does some great artwork with her She Girl. The way she combines colors and textures is totally awesome. The first week there was 8 or 9 videos showing us what supplies she uses and how to use them. Personally, I've never used modeling paste or glass beads before. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the texture they create!

For this lesson we were supposed to make our own backgrounds with papers, paint, or anything else she covered in the videos. Then we are to add the She Girl from the template pieces Christy supplied. Add some stamps and some rub-ons and you have your very own She Girl!!

For the first girl I put down some tissue paper from a McCalls pattern and some old book pages. Then came some acrylic paints. In the corners, I mixed modeling paint with acrylic liquid (specifically the color from a dropper) and just kind of stippled it on--that's the blue portions.Then I stamped some letters and some lines before adding my girl. I actually painted the hair on---that was very scary!! LOL Afterward I added some more stamps and some rub-ons then sprayed it with some Glimmer Mist.

For my second She Girl I started the same way but after adding some paint, I mixed the acrylic liquid with some of the glass beads (tiny beads in a glue medium that dries clear) and spread it over a diamond shaped template. You can't really see the depth of it here, but I added some white paint to the peaks of the dried beads. Basically it was all the same process as before but it made such a different canvas. I think I'm going to send this one to my friend in IL---she will love it.

So far the art has been really fun---it pushes the creativity a little further than what I'm accustomed to. But because of the style, it doesn't have to be matchy-matchy or be very precise. The only problem I've had is that you have to let everything dry between the layers......and I'm not very patient!! :)  At least here in the Arizona dry & sunny climate, I can just put it on the patio table & it dries pretty quickly.

Tomorrow we have our second lesson and it's all about layering--the background and the clothing--and doing some creative writing tips for the phrases. I'm very excited & can't wait to see what Christy has in store for us!!


  1. Your "girls" are gawjus...I love how they turned out...cant wait for the next two weeks...

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  3. Both of these are fantastic! love the dress on the first one:) Still working my way through this week's videos.


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