Sunday, July 10, 2011

the non-trip

My friend Marlene & I were all excited for our planned trip to the Carson Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson, CA. We had signed up to take 2 classes with Teesha Moore on Friday--one of our favorite art journal inspirations. My first art retreat in 2 years & my first "vacation" in a long time.

We get to Sky Harbor for our flight to Long Beach around 12:30ish for our 2:00 flight. At 3:00 we're told we are in a mechanical 4:15 they cancel the flight. Huh?? We get on stand-by for the 5:30 flight......nope, too full.....  We're booked on the 8:30 flight with an immediate email that it was already delayed (it's only 5:30 mind you) until after 9:00. This sick body doesn't think it can make it---not getting to the hotel until almost midnight. So we call the hubby & go home......

So disappointed---not only are we missing goodies for sale, but we're missing Tim Holtz doing demos and selling his new products. But most of all, we're missing Teesha. Bummer........

Not that it makes up for it but Marlene & I met on Friday for a really nice lunch (& huge dessert!) then got with another friend on Saturday to do some journaling of our own. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be and friends are there as support---it all works out in the end. :)

this is the page I made to show our non-trip........

I felt much better about it after getting it down---isn't that what journals are for???


  1. Wow! I just love this page! not just because it is about our wonderful trip together but because it is just so brilliant. Your style is definitely developing, keep art journaling:)

  2. This is made something beautiful and awesome out of a bad day...I love it.

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