Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Escape with a journal

This time of year always brings in orders for weekly/monthly planners and journals. Everyone wants to be ready for the new year with their new journals. It just makes you feel like you can conquer the world when you have a new journal on the first day of the new year so you can keep track of your resolutions and priorities, doesn't it? I know it does for me!!

This one was made by request for a lady in IL. She wanted fun & funky with turqoise or purple---she loved polka dots, too. She just received it in the mail and she seems very excited about it!! This is the first time I've added a photo frame to the front----I'm anxious to see how it works out for her.

This one is for our church secretary. She saw the one I did for my friend and she wanted one, too. So the last time I was in the church office, I asked what she liked and she told me flowers & butterflies. I sent her pictures of about 8 different papers and this is what she chose.  Then I added some bling & her initial along with SMM (St Mary Magdalene). My plan is to drop it off tomorrow when I go pick up my girlfriend at the airport. I'm anxious to see her reaction!!

I have an order for 2 more---a lady in England bought 2 from me last year for her & a friend and she came back this year for new ones. I'm flattered to have the repeat business!! Plus we're now working on an order to redo her mom's wedding album & possibly putting some of my work in her boutique.  Little 'ol me selling in England!! How cool would that be?? :)

These journals can be customized on the outside plus on the inside as well. Monthly calendars, weekly calendars, to do lists (with perforated lists for groceries or whatever), name/address pages, plain lined pages, and even agenda pages. Or anything else a customer wants! Interested for a gift or one for yourself? Just let me know!!!

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